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Since 1993 Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (PageTech) has specialized in HP PCL® print stream transformation, typeface conversion utilities and other related PCL and imaging technologies. Our PCL Tool SDK is designed for developers who need to convert, manipulate and transform complex PCL. We also offer a GUI-only version of our SDK named PCL Works for customers looking for something powerful, but easy to use.

Option I of the PCL Tool SDK has a industry exclusive dynamic link library (DLL) that converts PCL text and vector files into bitmap formats (in-memory TIFF Gp4, in-memory DIB, PCX, DCX, BMP, JPG, PNG, XPS, PDF and TIF); or into vector formats (in-memory GDI, PDF, PDF/A, WMF and EMF) with metrically matching TrueType fonts for those fonts in the PCL print file.

The various PCL Tool SDK options are designed to fit into existing applications quickly and seamlessly. Converting PCL directly into PDF format saves time and money compared to printing, scanning and OCR reading each page of text. Our powerful new search feature can find a specific invoice in a 70,000-page print stream and extract it for viewing and/or printing.

Key Benefits

  • Turns laser printer output files into portable documents without the need for proprietary drivers, authoring kits, viewers, etc.

  • Creates smallest PDF file size, with searchable text using our exclusive JBIG2 raster compression option. Converts download bitmap fonts into scalable TrueTypes for embedding into PDFs when converting to vector PDFs.

  • Is indispensable in the development of Windows electronic form applications that use HP PCL form overlays or as a tool for developers of HP PCL3GUI, PCL3, PCL4, PCL5, PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL XL, and PCL XL JetReady applications.

  • Allows you to view print only files in their native, printer-ready format; saves time and paper.

  • Provides a valuable trouble shooting tool for technical support personnel responsible for solving HPPCL3GUI, PCL3, PCL4, PCL5, PCL5e, PCL5c, HPGL/2, PCLXL and PCLXL JetReady printer problems.


  • DLLs with Sample Program: All high/low level function calls are exercised in the sample program.

  • WINFMOVE: Converts the TrueType typefaces that come with Windows.

  • Speed: PTC32 was designed to rasterize fonts “on-the-fly” and does it in a heartbeat!

  • Font Substitution Map: A font map can be used to substitute metrically correct scalable fonts for bitmaps.


  • PCL XForm.exe is a script-driven, full batch transformation program that converts complex PCL generated from the latest printer drivers and unscrambles the scrambled text that is unbound to any symbol set. After PCL XForm has unscrambled this text it coverts the PCL to PDF, PCL to TIF or other popular formats with searchable text or external indexes.

  • PCL View.exe is a "Reader" program with end user GUI to Index, Retrieve, Extract, Normalize, View and Print native PCL files.

  • PCL Print.exe is a command line-driven utility that converts PCL into an internal memory raster DIB or vector GDI image, and then prints to any Windows printer driver. This tool is used to print PCL to Windows GDI Only, PostScript or other non-PCL printers.

  • IMG 2 PCL.exe is a graphical program used to create PCL Print streams for printing TIFF or JPEG images. It can also be used to create PCL overlays or macros for creating forms, logos, and signatures.

  • IMG 2 PDF.exe is a graphical program used to create PDF files from TIFF or JPEG images.

  • IMG 2 XPS.exe is a graphical program used to create XPS files from TIFF or JPEG images.

  • PCL FILTER.exe is a utility program that searches and replaces within a PCL print stream to make pre-conversion modifications or corrections to the file. And, has "industry exclusive" PCL file optimizationoptions.

  • TNXDUMP.exe is a utility program that re-formats the text extracted from a PCL file into various ASCII formats for data migration applications.

To learn more about our products and services please visit our web site: www.pagetech.com.

LIVE PCL Software Evaluations

We offer LIVE evaluations of all our products, and we encourage everyone to pre-test their PCL before they purchase.

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Developers of production PCL transformation applications.
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PCL Works
A tool set for developers of PCL transformation applications or for users who need to convert PCL with a GUI program.
Up to 50k or Unlimited
$61, $71, 107, or $131
PCL Reader
View PCL, Convert PCL and Print PCL to Any Windows Printer!
First 10 pages w/o watermark.

PageTech Software Pricing & Contact Information

PCL Tool SDK ranges from US $425-$3,995 depending on options selected. All prices are subject to reasonable restrictions and conditions. Custom licensing and custom modifications are available. If you purchase the PCL Works Program for US $61, $71, $107 or $131, a $50 credit can go towards the purchase of PCL Tool SDK if you need to upgrade at a later date.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding our products or the integration of PCLTool SDK into any of your PCL applications.

Phone: (+1) 858 794-6884

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